Muppet-sona Commissions! :D

Open slots available: 3

Commission form is near the bottom of this page :)

Additional large/complex items (e.g. large props, etc.): +$3-10

By commissioning me, you agree to these Terms of Service:

  • Please allow 1-2 weeks for completion of your commission or additional time for more complex pieces!
  • If you have a time-sensitive commission that you need done by a certain date, you must let me know of that date before I take the commission.
  • You may use the finished commission for personal use, like icons, posting it online, etc. Credit is optional.
  • All commissions will have my small username watermark on the finished piece.
  • You mustn't use the image commercially/profit from it.
  • If you decide to change something major (character after sketch is done, large portions of a pose after approval, etc.) that you were previously satisfied with, you will incur a $5-20 fee. This range is subject to change with the complexity of the change.
  • If I cannot complete your commission for any reason, you will receive a full refund.
  • If you want to cancel the commission before I start, you mustn’t use Paypal chargeback. You will receive a refund from me on Paypal.
  • Commission cannot be canceled or refunded after I send in the first progress photo, unless I am unable to complete it.
  • No refunds after I send in the finished piece that was previously approved.
  • If you don't feel comfortable sending in full payment before i start (e.g. for larger pieces), we can discuss paying 50% before instead.


  • Upon my acceptance of your commission, I must receive full payment (unless otherwise discussed) before I begin working on it.
  • Payment will be done through a Paypal Invoice sent by me.
  • You will then receive a rough sketch for approval and/or revisions if you chose, followed by one or more progress photos to ensure your satisfaction/make revisions.
  • After you've approved the final product, you'll receive a .PNG of the piece with its background, and a transparent .PNG of the characters without the background! :D

If interested, please message me on Instagram @DreaminKinoko, or email! :)
If you prefer less interaction, you can fill out, copy, and paste this form to me on the above methods of contact!

Thanks for your support!♥

Here are some examples of my work! :D

Thanks for looking! <3